How to Live Your Dream Life with Purpose and Meaning

Published by Vicki on

When you think of living your dream life, what does that mean? A carefree life of luxury and glamorous sunsets? I’m sure we’ve all had glimpses of ourselves sailing a faraway sea with a flirty drink in our hands, but that’s not exactly what I’m talking about. That’s ok for a vacation or a fantasy, but to really be happy most of us need a bit more than that to feel fulfilled. (If you can manifest that and enjoy it daily, rock it, girl!)

I’m talking about being able to get out of bed knowing that you are ready for the day. You’re able to take care of your body, mind and spirit; you can handle what is expected and are game for what is not expected. You know that you have created a schedule and a lifestyle with purpose and are excited to live it.

Somehow the sailing dream sounds a little more realistic. 

One of my favorite things to ask my clients is “Describe your ideal day”. It usually stuns them for a moment, as I suspect most of them have never asked themselves that before. I advise them to take a long deep breath, and let go of the “have to” and focus on the “want to”. They will begin to describe how they will be simultaneously leisurely and indulgent, productive and efficient.

They will sleep in, but still manage to get up early. 

They’ll meditate and drink smoothies in between bingewatching. 

They’ll go on power walks and then clean the whole house top to bottom. 

They will go to lunch with their friends while running errands. 

The to-do list will be done with time and energy to spare.

They will cook a nice meal and linger around the dinner table. 

The dishes will be done and the kids will go to bed easily. 

They’ll drink wine and take a long bubble bath. 

They’ll journal, read and do yoga before bed.

They will fall asleep with divine exhaustion and satisfaction.

Yeah, that’s a fantasy, for sure. 

The truth is, we can’t live an ideal day each and every day in the way we think we want it. But we can structure our daily lives so they support us instead of drain us. We can decide to be happy with what ever state of chaos or “un-done” our lives might be in. We can decide to treat ourselves well, despite the imperfections.

I show my clients how to set up their weekly and daily schedules, breaking them down into effortless, effective routines that can help them feel like they’re really doing something that matters. Not just in their fitness or bedtime routines, but something that really matters to their whole life.

Because there will always be a “to-do” list and we have been trained to think we can’t take a break until it’s done. How often have you told yourself, “I just have to get through this – I’ll enjoy myself when these things are done…” It’s a sly trick that the ego/patriarchy plays on us, that work needs to be prioritized above enjoyment, healing and creativity. I challenge you to be the boss and choose to enjoy all aspects of your business and life without driving yourself to burnout.

If you’re ready to stop always feeling stressed, suffering from procrastination, feeling un-inspired, then let me help you turn that around. Stay tuned for my upcoming webinar “Live with Purpose” to learn how to fit in all the juicy good stuff while still being a productive adult. I will be the first one to tell you that you can live life with purpose, joy and meaning. In fact, that IS your purpose. So go ahead, make what seems like a fantasy into a reality.