Meet Vicki

I’m Vicki Wiepking – a wellness coach, writer and teacher. I love to play outdoors and try not to take anything too seriously – myself especially.

I work with busy women who are ready to start a new lifestyle, let go of negative thinking and basically anything else that is weighing them down. I help my clients embrace their best selves and stop listening to the voice that makes them self-sabotage. Yeah, we all have that little voice – and I’ll help you make it work for you instead of against you!

How did I get started doing this kind of work?  I have always been interested in alternative health and wellness, and wanted to find a way to combine my love of nutrition, essential oils, yoga, and nature into a productive lifestyle for myself. 

After graduating from University of Minnesota in 1998 with a BA in Classical Studies, I moved to Bozeman, MT and taught at a local charter school for several years. Although ancient literature and history are still a passion of mine, I was ready to continue my holistic education and began my 4 year training at The McKay Method School of Energy Healing, and the International Institute of Homeopathy and Nutrition. 

I started a wellness coaching practice and began working with clients in 2008. Over many years I observed first hand how women specifically needed help in their daily lives on not just physical, but emotional and psychological levels as well. Every day, it is a huge privilege to be able to work with amazing women so they can lead productive, happy lifestyles.  Let me help you do the same!

And by the way, I’m not perfect, enlightened or overly-strict about anything. In fact, I’m probably just like you…

  • I love doing laundry.  No ironing, and I don’t really separate colors.  My hubby doesn’t let me touch his clothes.  Maybe that’s why I like it…
  • I take bubble baths almost every night.  Sanctuary time for sure.
  • I turn the music up in the car and sing real loud. You do it too, I’ve seen you.
  • My favorite movies: Gone with the Wind – Scarlett rocks.  Grace and Frankie – I can’t decide which of them is most like me.
  • Cooking calms me down…until I get too many things going at once and wreck something.  It all tastes good in the end usually.
  • Thanks to my yoga practice I can still do the splits and a pretty good handstand.  Cartwheels optional.

I would love to help you create the lifestyle you want. I am dedicated to helping my clients acknowledge and transform their issues so they can reach their health and fitness goals. I offer a warm, comfortable place to be real with yourself, and support you on emotional and physical levels either in-person or online.

This approach to health and wellness is for awesome women who want to be less stressed, more productive and authentic to their true nature.It’s possible. Trust me

When I’m not in my office you can find me on a river, a ski run, or just being lazy in my back yard.  If you want to track me down send me a message here.  I’d love to hear from you!